Circumcision Surgery for Adults

Importance of Circumcision Surgery for Adults in Various Religions

There are many things that you do which are a part of your daily routine associated with the religion you follow. For others, it can be irrelevant but for those who are associated with a religious group, it is an important thing. By obeying the duties you might face opposition from others but you can’t abandon it just for the reason that many people don’t understand it.

Some decision has to be made when you when you want to have circumcision surgery for adults. But here the situation is slightly different as the people who convert to other religions, it is compulsory to have it if he wants to join the community.

Circumcision Surgery for Adults:

For adults who have other reasons to have circumcision surgery, this decision is totally a personal one. But in either case, the procedure is the same.

Many people think that the method is distinct when done on infants. In reality, it is the same procedure done but there is a slight difference in taking care of the adults before, during and after the surgery.

This process is a simple one in which the extended skin on the penis is trimmed down making the head visible. Different techniques are used for this surgery but the purpose is the same. Many men have this procedure for cosmetic reasons to enhance the look whereas, others have a medical basis.

What do Human Rights say?

Having circumcised is a basic argument of religion whether it allows it or not. There are many religions around the world that practice it even today but various Human Right associations consider it as a violation. These societies and organizations give the following arguments to support their views;

It is Torture:

An infant boy who is just a few days old undergoes pain that is given to him through the knife. The activists consider it torture because the child is not given any anesthesia to ease the pain of the procedure.

The Person decides:

When the adults are given a choice of whether to have the surgery or not then the child must also be given this choice. As soon as the child is old enough he can decide for himself.

Health is not an Issue:

The human right associations don’t believe that it has medical and many health benefits. They are just looking at the small picture that it is a breach of the basic rights given to a person.

They think that every person needs to protect his body from mutilation and especially if it is happening with a child.

Whatever these associations say doesn’t matter as everyone has the right to follow the religion they belong to and if it asks something of this sort then no one has the legal right to stop them.

So still there are several clinics like Circumcision Center performs this surgery despite what Human Rights said.

Importance in Different Religions:

There are several religions around the world that conduct circumcision as a part of their ritual. Not only the religions that already exist but also many old ones conducted it as it is evident in ancient scriptures.

In Judaism:

It is the oldest religion that is still practiced by many. The evidence of circumcision is present in their religious book when Abraham was circumcised along with their sons, slaves, and descendants.

Now the infant is circumcised on the 8th day of birth. A great celebration is commemorated because it is said that after this the child can properly
enter the faith.

Believes in Christianity:

It is not compulsory for the people who follow the Christianity faith to have circumcision surgery. It is up to the individual to have it or not.

As many of the initial followers of Jesus Christ were Jews so they were already circumcised but later the concept was abolished as there should be some difference between Christians and Jews.

According to Islam:

The concept of circumcision is not mentioned in the Quran, the holy book belonging to Muslims but this issue has been brought up by their Prophet Muhammad in many of his sayings.

The procedure is the same as the Jews but the main difference is that no proper celebration is made. The process can be conducted in a hospital, clinic or even sometimes at home. But there are individual countries where it is fully celebrated.

In African Cultures:

Many of the tribes in Africa have this ritual but it is now just become a cultural norm. But in others, it is a ceremony where it is an indication that the boy is ready to enter manhood and how much pain he can endure.

Ancient Egypt’s Point of View:

Old scriptures have evidence that circumcision existed in the ancient world as well. Like in the African culture it was considered as a test of strength the same was the case here.

It was a transformation of a child to adulthood. Several historians think that from Egypt this practice spread to other parts of Africa.

Other Countries:

There are many countries all around the world that don’t have any religious connections but still, they circumcise their children and sometimes adults as a part of their culture.

But their roots are attached to either Jewish or Islamic traditions although they don’t belong to either religion.

What really important to note here is that in major religions of the world only infants are initially circumcised but if a non-religious person wants to embrace one of the religions then it is necessary to have circumcision surgery for adults.

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