Family Balancing through IVF

Family Balancing through IVF- The Future of Pigeon Pairs

Having a boy and a daughter is often referred to as a pigeon pair. The old folk belief was that hatchlings old pigeons are male and female. While the term initially was applicable strictly to a set of twins because of the comparison to how they sit on two eggs at a time, in recent years it has applied to male and female siblings as well.

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The cliché is that too many boys create noise, untidiness, and OH MY GOD – the fights. Too many girls mean bitching, gossip, and the dad needs to keep a shotgun with him for her protection.

Family Balancing with IVF

Family Balancing with IVF

The sex of a fetus is determined by two chromosomes – X (mother) and X or Y (father). It is the father determines the sex of the baby. When the egg is fertilized by the Y sperm, the embryo is male. For a female embryo, the X sperm has to fertilize the egg.

When children are born repeatedly with the father’s chromosomes either one of X or Y, it often leads to same gender children. To achieve a more balanced representation of both genders in their children, parents have opted for family balancing.

They want to build gender diversity in their family– yes, by raising the perfect pigeon pair.

Today, family balancing with IVF is explored by many parents globally. The conjunction of the IVF treatment cycle with the intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) – a technology that involves testing the chromosomal make-up of an embryo, the desired gender can be selected.

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With several advantages over the conventional sperm sorting technique, family balancing through IVF holding a 99% possibility of identifying the correct sex of each embryo, and also test gender anomalies, if any.

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