Amazing Health Benefits of Sattu

Amazing Health Benefits of Sattu

India’s best and beneficial source of protein, which is being used for many years. Yes, you heard right. Today we are going to talk about Sattu (Roasted Gram Flour) which is usually served as a sharbat by street vendors at the peak of summer, Most of the use of Sattu is in Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Benefits of Sattu in Summer

Benefits of Sattu

In the summertime, Sattu is widely used in rural areas to cool down the body and to quench their thirst in the summer days. Sattu sherbet during summer it prevents the body from overheating and brings down the body temperature significantly.

Sattu Benefits For Bodybuilding

Benefits of Sattu

Made by sealing the dry-roasting process in all nutrients, Sattu is rich in protein, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

Sattu Nutrition in 100 gm

  • Protein 20.6 Percent
  • Fat 7.2 Percent
  • Carbohydrates 65.2 Percent
  • Crude Fibre 1.35 Percent
  • Ash Total 2.7 Percent
  • Calories in Sattu Powder 413
  • Moisture 2.95 Percent

Best For Digestion

Benefits of Sattu

Sattu is rich in fiber, which is great for intestines. It cleanses our colon, makes digestion good and helps constipation, flatulence, and acidity.

Digestion is important because your body needs nutrients more than food and drink to work properly and be healthy and it is more in sattu, so sattu is good for digestion.

Beauty Benefits

Do you know that Sattu sorbet keeps the skin shiny and hydrated? Sattu is also used to treat hair problems because it provides abundant nutrients to hair follicles. Iron in Sattu also keeps you strong and energetic and gives your face fairness and glow. ( Also read: Top 5 Best Men’s Fairness Creams, Skin Glowing Creams in India)

Best Drink For Old Age

As you know, our health always works with age, there are many problems which always come in old age. Therefore, the consumption of healthy drinks and healthy foods is very important.

Sattu has many health benefits which are very useful for our health, such as sattu meets the deficiency of protein. Sattu also protects against stomach problems.

Beats Daily Life Diseases

Did you know that Sattu is a low-glycemic index and this is a great option for people who are diabetic patients? Blood sugar levels are controlled by sattu. Sattu is also beneficial for high blood pressure patients, it also regulates your blood pressure. Sattu is great for people suffering from high cholesterol.

Helps To losing weight

As you know, most people in today’s time are obesity and they have used many types of shake and medicine and they are not getting any benefit. Do you know if Sattu is consumed daily by burning the calories, it burns calories effectively. (Also read: Diet Plan And Tips To lose Weight In One Month)

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