3 Tips For Hygiene Your Toilet : World Toilet Day 2019

World Toilet Day 2019 is observed on 19th November.
3 Tips For Hygiene Your Toilet When Nature Calls

1 . Wash your hands each time you visit a washroom.

World Toilet Day 2019

When you flush, a fine mist of germs is unfolding everywhere and onto everything within the neighborhood. This includes the door handle, sink, and therefore the floor.

Hence, it’s suggested to confirm you wash your hands each time you visit a bathroom.

Here is the way to wash hands: Wet your hands with clean water, use soap (either liquid or bar) and rub your hands smartly. Make sure you scrub nearby area within fingers then rinse with clean water.

Wash your hands only with water. Also, it’s best to use associate degreeantibacterial drug shop for higher safety.
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World Toilet Day 2019

2.continually use tissues or paper towels to dry your hands.

World Toilet Day 2019

Once you wash your hands with soap and water properly, make sure you wipe your hands fully with a tissue. If the faucet isn’t associate degree automatic one, use a paper to shut the faucet to avoid touching it whenlaundry your hands therefore on forestall the unfold of infections. don’t greet with those that have simplywashed their hands in an exceedingly bathroom, particularly once their hands square measure still wet as there’s a high risk of transmission of germs from the wet skin than from dry skin. you’ll conjointly use a hanky if you’re carrying one or carry paper towels once visiting a washroom.

3 . Avoid the employment of a hot air hand dryers in an exceedingly john.

World Toilet Day 2019

It is suggested to not use a hand appliance to dry your hands post employing a john as hot air hand dryers that blow hot air, expose your hands to numerous bacterium, as well as potential pathogens and spores, discovered a study printed within the Applied and Environmental Microbiology. after you flush in an exceedingly bathroom, the bacterium gets spread within the air. These bacterium will get deposited on the hands once exposed at hand dryers in an exceedingly rest room. therefore it’s informed either selectpaper napkins from the dispenser within the bathroom or carry your own paper towels. World Toilet Day 2019

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